6th Lithium Mobile Power Conference

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Rawan Halawi (leader)
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Event Name 6th Lithium Mobile Power Conference
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Advances in Lithium Ion Battery Technologies for Mobile Applications

BOSTON, MA – September 20, 2010 - The Knowledge Foundation has announced that the 6th Lithium Mobile Power conference will be held in Boston, MA from November 4-5, 2010 at the Hilton Boston Back Bay.

According to Dr. Serge Pann, Vice President of Science & Technology at the Knowledge Foundation, “Recent significant innovations have propelled lithium-ion battery technology to a position in the marketplace far exceeding initial expectations. From a vast array of portable applications, to micro medical devices, to high-power automotive, these breakthroughs have paved the way for an emerging market with unlimited potential.” More than 130 organizations from around the world participated in last year’s conference in Boston.

Drawing upon ten years of tracking developments in lithium battery and fuel cell research, Lithium Mobile Power will guide delegates from technology and materials development, through device packaging and integration, to applications in a mobile power marketplace, and is conveniently timed with Battery Safety 2010. Program topics will include:
- Li-ion batteries for PHEV, HEV, and EV - issues and solutions
- Revolutionizing li-ion batteries for portable and consumer products
- Materials challenges - electrodes & electrolyte
- New electrolyte technologies for higher power and energy density
- Safety, testing, performance
- System design & integration
- New lithium chemistries for better electrodes and higher performance

This year’s distinguished faculty of presenters includes:
- Glenn G. Amatucci, PhD, Rutgers University
- Yasunori Baba, SANYO Electric Co., Ltd.
- Brian M. Barnett, PhD, TIAX LLC
- Kirill G. Bramnik, BASF Corporation
- Ratnakumar V. Bugga, PhD, California Institute of Technology
- Bharat S. Chahar, PhD, PE, ConocoPhillips Company
- Zonghai Chen, PhD, Argonne National Laboratory
- Yi Cui, PhD, Stanford University and Amprius, Inc.
- Mario DeStephen, PhD, Eagle Picher Technologies
- Daniel H. Doughty, PhD, Battery Safety Consulting, Inc.
- Matthieu Dubarry, Hawaii Natural Energy Institute
- Susie Eustis, PhD, Directed Vapor Technologies International, Inc.
- Dan Friel, Texas Instruments
- Kevin L. Gering, PhD, Idaho National Laboratory
- Steve Hartridge, CD-adapco
- Jurgen Hofler, PhD, Nanosys, Inc.
- Koshin Hosoki, Panasonic Corporation
- Judith A. Jeevarajan, PhD, NASA Johnson Space Center
- Steven Kaye, PhD, Wildcat Discovery Technologies
- Gi-Heon Kim, PhD, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
- Michael J. Lain, Nexeon Ltd.
- Roger Lin, A123 Systems, Inc.
- Veselin Manev, PhD, Altairnano Inc.
- Tom O'Hara, Intertek
- Christopher J. Orendorff, PhD, Sandia National Laboratories
- Valer Pop, Dr Ing, IMEC Micropower
- Deyang Qu, PhD, University of Massachusetts Boston
- Jeff Rachford, Thermal Hazard Technology
- Peter Ralbovsky, Netzsch Instruments
- Steven Ruth, China BAK Battery, Inc.
- John Tessitore, Chroma ATE, Inc.
- Angathevar Veluchamy, PhD, Central Electrochemical Research Institute
- Steven J. Visco, PhD, PolyPlus Battery Company
- Kevin C. White, PhD, Exponent, Inc.
- Clinton Winchester, PhD, Naval Surface Warfare Center
- William J. Yalen, Yardney Technical Products, Inc. / Lithion, Inc.
- Xiao-Qing Yang, PhD, Brookhaven National Laboratory
- Rachid Yazami, PhD, California Institute of Technology
- Larry Yount, LaunchPoint Technologies

About the Knowledge Foundation
The Knowledge Foundation integrates scientific ingenuity and real-world applications by fostering collaborative research at the rapidly changing intersection of science and business. Known for providing members of its Technology Commercialization Alliance with direct and unbiased state-of-the-art scientific information, the Knowledge Foundation is uniquely qualified to provide wider exposure for important developments in the emerging fields of alternative energy including fuel cells and lithium ion batteries, nanotechnology, and chemical/biological detection technologies.

David Mello
Marketing Director
Knowledge Foundation
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Phone: (617) 232-7400 x203
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Email: dmello@knowledgefoundation.com
Website: www.knowledgefoundation.com
Event Date/Time 3 November 2010 23:00 to 5 November 2010 09:00
Organiser Knowledge Foundation
Location Hilton Boston Back Bay
Event Type Physics
United States
Contact details:
David Mello
Marketing Director
Knowledge Foundation
18 Webster Street
Brookline, MA 02446
Phone: (617) 232-7400 x203
Fax: (617) 232-9171
Email: dmello@knowledgefoundation.com
Website: www.knowledgefoundation.com