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Wildfires News (4 articles)

Global Warming Can Impact Monsoons and Lower Crop Production

New research shows abrupt climate change over 14,000 years ago associated with a shift in monsoon patterns and a decline vegetation growth.When the climate warmed relatively quickly about 14,700 years ago, seasonal monsoons moved southward, dropping more rain on the Earth's oceans at the...

Published on 11 June 2009, 15:04

Plants may affect the effect of wildfires

LIVERMORE, Calif. – Rising temperatures may lead to more tinder-dry vegetation, but that doesn’t mean there will be a higher risk for wildfires in a particular area. Boreal forest surrounds Xindi Lake, in the south-central...

Published on 2 May 2009, 13:03

Potentially harmful chemicals found in forest fire smoke

Smoke particles could affect health, environment in fire-prone areas.RICHLAND, Wash. – Researchers have detected common plant toxins that affect human health and ecosystems in smoke from forest fires. The results from the new study also suggest that smoldering fires may produce more toxins...

Published on 29 April 2009, 18:08

Plants could override climate change effects on wildfires

BOZEMAN -- Scientists predict that global climate change will make many regions around the world warmer and drier, a factor which, taken by itself, would seem to increase the risk of wildfires.But a new study led by a Montana State University researcher shows that changes in the types of...

Published on 22 April 2009, 16:42