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Tropical Forests News (5 articles)

Breakthrough in Monitoring Tropical Deforestation Announced in Copenhagen

Palo Alto, CA—Tropical forest destruction accounts for some 20% of global greenhouse gas emissions. But quantifying these emissions has not been easy, particularly for tropical nations. New technology, developed by a team of scientists at Carnegie’s Department of Global Ecology, is...

Published on 10 December 2009, 05:59

Tropical forest seed banks: a blast from the past

LIVERMORE, Calif. -- Seeds of some tree species in the Panamanian tropical forest can survive for more than 30 years before germinating.That is 10 times longer than most field botanists had believed. A canopy of trees in the tropical forests of...

Published on 1 April 2009, 12:30

Amazon carbon sink threatened by drought

The Amazon is surprisingly sensitive to drought, according to new research conducted throughout the world’s largest tropical forest.The 30-year study, published today in Science, provides the first solid evidence that drought causes massive carbon loss in tropical forests, mainly through...

Published on 6 March 2009, 06:10

Tropical lizards can't take the heat of climate warming

From geckos and iguanas to Gila monsters and Komodo dragons, lizards are among the most common reptiles on Earth. They are found on every continent except Antarctica. One even pitches car insurance in TV ads. They seemingly can adapt to a variety of conditions, but are most abundant in the...

Published on 3 March 2009, 18:47

Molybdenum cocktails stimulate nitrogen fixation in tropical forests

Tropical forests represent a third of the total biomass on Earth and play a critical but poorly understood role in the carbon-climate system. Nitrogen fixation affects plant growth and a suite of processes including carbon exchange.Researchers from Princeton and STRI show that the trace element...

Published on 23 December 2008, 09:31