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Stem cell differentiation News (3 articles)

Stem cell breakthrough heralds new era of therapy development

Scientists at the Universities of Glasgow and Southampton have uncovered a new method for culturing adult stem cells which could lead to the creation of revolutionary stem cell therapies for conditions such as arthritis, Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease.The research,...

Published on 18 July 2011, 07:23

How the wrong genes are repressed: new finding from UCL

The mechanism by which ‘polycomb’ proteins critical for embyronic stem cell function and fate are targeted to DNA has been identified by UCL scientists.The discovery, which has implications for the fields of stem cell and tissue engineering, is detailed in research published today in the...

Published on 11 June 2010, 16:07

Scientists identify molecule that inhibits stem cell differentiation

Like as not, the recent holidays probably included some reminiscing about family history. There may even have been some remonstrations and recommendations from well-meaning elders to younger kin about their lives’ paths. It turns out stem cells have a similar need for long-term memory to help...

Published on 19 January 2010, 14:07