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Solar radiation News (3 articles)

Earth Sunblock Only Needed If Planet Warms Easily

Planet's sensitivity to greenhouse gases will determine how much shading could be needed to slow temperature rise.RICHLAND, Wash. – An increasing number of scientists are studying ways to temporarily reduce the amount of sunlight reaching the earth to potentially stave off some...

Published on 11 October 2012, 14:51

Shrinking atmospheric layer linked to low levels of solar radiation

BOULDER—Large changes in the Sun’s energy output may drive unexpectedly dramatic fluctuations in Earth’s outer atmosphere, new research indicates. A study published today links a recent, temporary shrinking of a high atmospheric layer with a sharp drop in the Sun’s ultraviolet...

Published on 26 August 2010, 11:37

Sunbeds confirmed as cancer risk

Sunbeds have been put in the highest cancer risk category by the international body charged with evaluating potential cancer hazards.The International Agency for Research on Cancer is tasked by the World Health Organisation with listing and reviewing causes of cancer. Its just-released review of...

Published on 30 July 2009, 03:41