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SRC News (5 articles)

Researchers Find Clue to Cancer Cell Survival

Protein and cell biology research at The University of Western Australia has contributed to a ground-breaking international study that demonstrates a way to alter the survival of cancer cells.The work demonstrates for the first time that the active sarcoma (Src) gene product is differentially...

Published on 5 December 2011, 04:26

New Targeted Treatment Strategy Could Help Bowel Cancer Patients

Scientists at The Institute of Cancer Research (ICR) have found an important new drug target for advanced bowel cancer that could also be used to identify tumours that will respond to a drug already used in other cancers.Dr Janine Erler and colleagues earlier discovered the enzyme lysyl...

Published on 1 February 2011, 10:24

Zebrafish provide new hope for cancer treatment

The imaging of tumour growth in zebrafish has revealed for the first time how cancer cells have the capacity to co-opt the immune system into spreading disease, leading the way for investigations into potential therapies for eliminating early-stage cancer in humans.Using different coloured...

Published on 14 December 2010, 17:25

Role of nitric oxide, Src kinases in lung cancer could provide treatment answer

HOUSTON  -- The interaction of enzymes – especially the tyrosine kinases called Src and inducible nitric oxide synthase – plays an important role in the growth of non-small cell lung cancers, the most common form of this deadly disease in the United States, said researchers from Baylor...

Published on 6 January 2010, 04:34

Addition of Dasatinib to Standard Chemo Cocktail May Enhance Effect in Certain Ovarian Cancers

The addition of a chemotherapeutic drug for leukemia to a standard regimen of two other chemotherapy drugs appears to enhance the response of certain ovarian cancers to treatment, according to a pre-clinical study led by researchers in the Duke Comprehensive Cancer Center. "We know that a...

Published on 19 April 2009, 11:52