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Proton News (2 articles)

The LHC Enters a New Phase

Geneva, 4 November 2010.  Proton running for 2010 in the LHC at CERN came to a successful conclusion today at 08:00 CET. Since the end of March, when the first collisions occurred at a total energy of 7 TeV, the machine and experiment teams have achieved all of their objectives for the...

Published on 4 November 2010, 11:31

Proton's party pals may alter its internal structure

NEWPORT NEWS, VA - A recent experiment at the Department of Energy's Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility has found that a proton's nearest neighbors in the nucleus of the atom may modify the proton's internal structure.When comparing large nuclei to small nuclei, past...

Published on 19 November 2009, 05:11