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Plant pathology News (9 articles)

Unusual genetic structure confers major disease resistance trait in soybean

Scientists have identified three neighboring genes that make soybeans resistant to the most damaging disease of soybean. The genes exist side-by-side on a stretch of chromosome, but only give resistance when that stretch is duplicated several times in the plant."Soybean cyst nematode is the...

Published on 11 October 2012, 14:58

Shedding light on the "dark matter" of the genome

Scientific serendipity strikes again: ETH Zurich researchers led by Professor Bruce McDonald showed for the first time that non-coding parts of genes called introns can copy themselves and move around the genome. Nevertheless, these DNA sequences remain mysterious.Most of the time, Stefano...

Published on 30 November 2011, 03:57

Too Much of a Good Thing: Understanding Plants' Overactive Immune System Will Help MU Researchers Build Better Crops

COLUMBIA, Mo. - A plant's immune system protects the plant from harmful pathogens. If the system overreacts to pathogens, it can stunt plant growth and reduce seed production. Now, University of Missouri researchers have identified important suppressors that negatively regulate the responses...

Published on 27 May 2009, 10:27

Researchers unravel role of priming in plant immunity

Scientists have discovered a naturally occurring compound that triggers a plant’s immune system, thereby protecting the plant from a secondary bacterial infection.The patent-pending discovery could lead to an effective, inexpensive and environmentally safe way to improve plants’...

Published on 2 April 2009, 13:53

Airborne Disease Holds Potential for Unexpected, Accelerated Spread

CORVALLIS, Ore. – Both plant and human diseases that can travel with the wind have the potential to spread far more rapidly than has been understood, according to a new study, in findings that pose serious concerns not only for some human diseases but also a new fungus that threatens global...

Published on 26 March 2009, 11:23

Portable kit may one day detect plant disease before disastrous outbreak

COLLEGE STATION – This science may literally be outside the box: A briefcase-sized kit is carried to a field where thousands of tons of food are growing. The search is for microorganisms that could infect and kill the plants, wreaking havoc on the food supply and market.If the equipment in...

Published on 23 February 2009, 14:22

New disease may cost Florida’s avocado industry millions, UF experts warn

GAINESVILLE, Fla. — Florida’s avocado industry, the nation’s second-largest, could lose millions of dollars if a new disease reaches the state’s southern tip, according to University of Florida experts.Laurel wilt disease, caused by a fungus transmitted by the invasive...

Published on 26 January 2009, 09:04

Researchers find nature's shut-off switch for cellulose production

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. - Nick Carpita Download photo caption below Purdue University researchers found a mechanism that naturally shuts down cellulose production in plants, and learning how to keep that switch turned on may be key to enhancing biomass...

Published on 17 December 2008, 14:54

NC State Researchers Getting to the 'Root' of Christmas Tree Problems

As Christmas tree farmers prepare for their busiest season, researchers at North Carolina State University are studying how to combat a disease that has killed thousands of North Carolina Christmas trees in recent decades.Current research results suggest that Christmas tree farmers might be able...

Published on 30 November 2008, 07:06