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Metamaterials News (8 articles)

Metamolecules That Switch Handedness at Light-Speed

Researchers Develop Optically Switchable Chiral Terahertz Metamolecules.A multi-institutional team of researchers that included scientists with the U.S. Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) has created the first artificial molecules whose chirality can...

Published on 10 July 2012, 13:41

Next Generation Lens Promises More Control

Opaque Metamaterials Bend Rays Like No Transparent Could.DURHAM, N.C. -- Duke University engineers have created a new generation of lens that could greatly improve the capabilities of telecommunications or radar systems to provide a wide field of view and greater detail.But the lens they...

Published on 23 December 2009, 06:38

Ames Laboratory Researchers Predict A Repulsive Casimir Effect Using Exotic Chiral Metamaterials

Research team discovers a new use for metamaterials that promises to eliminate mechanical friction in nanotechnology.AMES, Iowa – Nanoscale machines expected to have wide application in industry, energy, medicine and other fields may someday operate far more efficiently thanks to important...

Published on 7 December 2009, 11:33

Caltech Scientists Solve Decade-Long Mystery of Nanopillar Formations

Research paves way for new 3-D lithography method.Pasadena, Calif.—Scientists at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) have uncovered the physical mechanism by which arrays of nanoscale (billionths-of-a-meter) pillars can be grown on polymer films with very high precision, in...

Published on 22 October 2009, 18:06

Perfect image without metamaterials…. and a reprieve for silicon chips

Since 2000, Sir John Pendry’s work on metamaterials has been at the vanguard of efforts to create a perfect image – images with perfect resolution that can stem from light being moved in odd directions to create, among other tricks of the light, the illusion of invisibility.One...

Published on 29 September 2009, 08:52

Revolutionising the diagnosis of serious disease

Revolutionary ultrasonic nanotechnology that could allow scientists to see inside a patient’s individual cells to help diagnose serious illnesses is being developed by researchers at The University of Nottingham.The new technique would utilise ultrasound technology — more commonly...

Published on 2 June 2009, 11:18

New 'broadband' cloaking technology simple to manufacture

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. - New type of invisibility cloak Download image caption below Researchers have created a new type of invisibility cloak that is simpler than previous designs and works for all colors of the visible spectrum, making it...

Published on 20 May 2009, 12:22

Nanocups brim with potential

Light-bending metamaterial could lead to superlenses, invisibility cloaksResearchers at Rice University have created a metamaterial that could light the way toward high-powered optics, ultra-efficient solar cells and even cloaking devices.Naomi Halas, an award-winning pioneer in nanophotonics,...

Published on 13 March 2009, 15:37