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Massive Stars News (6 articles)

Mysterious Pulsar With Hidden Powers Discovered

Dramatic flares and bursts of energy - activity previously thought reserved for only the strongest magnetized pulsars - have been observed emanating from a weakly magnetised, slowly rotating pulsar. The international team of astrophysicists who made the discovery believe that the source of the...

Published on 15 October 2010, 06:34

Close-Up Movie Shows Hidden Details in the Birth of Super-Suns

Cambridge, MA - The constellation of Orion is a hotbed of massive star formation, most prominently in the Great Nebula that sits in Orion's sword. The glowing gas of the Nebula is powered by a group of young massive stars, but behind it is a cluster of younger stars and clumps of gas. Still...

Published on 16 November 2009, 08:39

2 Earth-sized bodies with oxygen rich atmospheres found- but they’re stars not planets

Astrophysicists find two Earth-sized bodies with oxygen rich atmospheres - only snag is they’re stars not planets.Astrophysicists at the University of Warwick and Kiel University have discovered two earth sized bodies with oxygen rich atmospheres – however there is a bit of a disappointing...

Published on 12 November 2009, 14:40

Queen's astronomers propose new supernovae interpretation

In a controversial new paper in the journal Nature, astronomers from Queen's University Belfast have proposed a new physical interpretation of a supernova discovered on 7 November 2008.A group of researchers, led by Dr. Stefano Valenti from Queen's University Belfast, found a weak...

Published on 13 June 2009, 05:05

Stellar family in crowded, violent neighbourhood proves to be surprisingly normal

Using ESO’s Very Large Telescope, astronomers have obtained one of the sharpest views ever of the Arches Cluster — an extraordinary dense cluster of young stars near the supermassive black hole at the heart of the Milky Way. Despite the extreme conditions astronomers were surprised to...

Published on 4 June 2009, 09:53

Turbulence May Promote the Birth of Massive Stars

Cambridge, MA - On long, dark winter nights, the constellation of Orion the Hunter dominates the sky. Within the Hunter’s sword, the Orion Nebula swaddles a cluster of newborn stars called the Trapezium. These stars are young but powerful, each one shining with the brilliance of 100,000...

Published on 23 February 2009, 15:36