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Genome Sequencer FLX System News (4 articles)

Landmark Genotyping Study Demonstrates the Power of 454 Sequencing Systems for Immunogenetics

Branford, CT, USA, October 13, 2009 -- A study published online today in the prestigious Nature Medicine journal reports that researchers at the Wisconsin National Primate Research Center have explored a new high-throughput method for decoding one of the most critical genomic regions for the...

Published on 13 October 2009, 07:30

454 Sequencing Boosts Genomics Research in Spain: Genome Sequencer FLX System Installed at University of Barcelona

454 Sequencing is now boosting genomics research at the University of Barcelona (UB). UB has recently acquired a Genome Sequencer FLX System that will be installed at the Genomics Unit of the Scientific and Technical Services (SCT). This service unit currently supports more than 110 research...

Published on 2 April 2009, 07:46

Researchers Use 454 Sequencing System for Rapid Sequencing of Avian Influenzas

A team of researchers at the Institute of Diagnostic Virology, Friedrich-Loeffler-Institute Insel Riems, in Germany has developed a simple and rapid method for preparing Avian Influenza samples of infected individuals for sequencing with the Genome Sequencer FLX system.Working with the Genome...

Published on 4 March 2009, 07:47

Nature study uses 454 Sequencing to reveal surprising new clues into the role of microbial communities in the human gut

Study demonstrates the importance of long sequencing reads for accurate assignment against metagenomic databases.454 Life Sciences, a Roche company, today announced that a team of researchers at Washington University in St. Louis have characterized the human gut microbiome by sequencing the...

Published on 3 December 2008, 09:03