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Calcium channels News (3 articles)

When the isolated lung runs out of air: Source of damage to donor organs identified

For patients with incurable pulmonary conditions, a lung transplantation is the only available treatment option. However, suitable donor organs are scarce, and even getting them to prospective recipients is not easy. As Professor Alexander Dietrich of the Walther Straub Institute of...

Published on 3 February 2012, 05:49

T-cell discovery holds promise for organ transplant and immunodeficiency treatment: UBC research

University of British Columbia researchers have solved a long-standing mystery surrounding the activation of T-cells, white blood cells that find and kill viruses and bacteria but also participate in the rejection of transplanted organs.By identifying the mechanism that leads T-cells to spring...

Published on 23 August 2011, 04:43

Calcium channels optimize learning

Researchers at the Friedrich Miescher Institute for Biomedical Research have shown how calcium channels in the brain have a positive impact on learning. Their results have been published in the current edition of the renowned scientific journal "Nature Neuroscience". Practice makes...

Published on 19 September 2009, 07:21